Support for Rotherham victims of Child Sexual Exploitation

Responding to Sky News coverage today of Rotherham and child sexual exploitation, the Deputy Leader of the council, Cllr Emma Hoddinott said;

“It’s important that all organisations work together to provide support for survivors, and the council has brought in a new member of staff to help to coordinate this in Rotherham. We would urge anyone affected by child sexual exploitation in Rotherham, however long ago, and who needs help and support, to contact the helpline we have set up in conjunction with the NSPCC: 0800 7319 256. The helpline provides a single point of contact for victims and survivors to access a range of services – and will signpost them on to what each individual needs.

We are in the process of commissioning long term support, and this will be informed both by calls to the helpline, and by hearing the voices and experiences of victims and survivors. If the support that victims and survivors need isn’t available now, we will take whatever action we can to make it available in the future.

Rotherham Council have already increased funding for local services over the last few months in order to increase capacity and waiting times for victims of child sexual exploitation have fallen from an initial 6 months as a result. Victims who disclose child sexual exploitation are being seen as a priority for assessment by Rotherham Women’s Counselling Service, supported by additional funding from the council and health services. Where delays do occur, additional therapeutic and practical support is being provided by Rotherham Women’s Refuge.

The council continues to work with the police and urge them to bring perpetrators to justice as a priority.”

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