Final year to draw up Labour’s manifesto – it’s over to you!

After the last election, our party had to take stock and look at why we lost. Over the last few years, the policy commissions of the National Policy Forum have been addressing this and rebuilding our offer to the British public.

The commission I sit on, Better Politics, has had regular meetings to read through submissions from members, get updates from shadow ministers and listen to external experts on a range of topics. As a result we have put together this document.

On the basis of those meetings and discussions we’re suggesting a raft of measures to make our politics work better: votes at 16, a universal register of professional lobbyists, a cap on individual donations to political parties, repealing the poisonous “Lobbying Bill” (or “Gagging Bill” as rightly came to be known), making voting easier… and more. You can find all the proposals that have made it this far in the consultation paper.

But for now those are just our thoughts, it’s important we road-test our ideas before we finalise the manifesto for the general election.

You can find all the final year policy consultation papers for each of the policy commission areas by clicking here, then on the policy area you’re interested in, then scrolling down to the consultation paper.

So it’s over to you!

Your CLP has till 13th June to get together, have a look at these documents, discuss them and submit amendments.

Your CLP secretary will have a pack that guides them through the process, but don’t hesitate to contact your representatives on the National Policy Forum for help, advice or if you would like one of us to speak to your CLP.

Your amendments will be seen by your respresentatives and we will have the opportunity to prioritsie which ones go forward to the main National Policy Forum meeting in July. This will be similar to the Warwick meetings prior to previous elections, except this time it is in, erm… Milton Keynes.

At this meeting we will debate and vote on the amendments, then the final documents will go back to conference in September for final approval by delegates.

The outcome of this process will only be as good as what goes in. Make sure your CLP has its say and as your representative I look forward to seeing your amendments.

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