Where the cuts at Rotherham Hospital will fall

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The Rotherham Hospital Trust have published their long awaited Strategic Plan, setting out more detail about how they plan to move to put their finances on a secure footing.

There’s a little more detail over on the Save Our Services campaign website.

Before Christmas, the Trust gave welcome confirmation that they would not be seeking a merger with other local hospitals. However, as we noted then, that still leaves them with the task of finding £50 million – equivalent to 20% of their operating budget. The worry will be that, as in local government, the cuts made at the start of this process come to look easy when compared to those that necessarily follow later.

Questions will also be asked about the extraordinarily expensive involvement of the consultants, Bolt Partners, and the Acting Chief Executive Michael Morgan (who, it is believed, was in effect the highest paid hospital Chief Executive anywhere in the country), as the Plan confirms that the hospital’s deficit this year is likely to be around the same level as it was in the previous year.

Rotherham Council’s Health Select Scrutiny Committee has already had one positive meeting with the new Acting Chief Executive, and we will continue to follow the situation closely and hold management to account as best we can.

Ultimately, however, we continue to be very concerned about the government’s NHS agenda, the impact of the funding squeeze, and the risk that services – once lost – may never return. It is clear that Rotherham Hospital’s problems are far from resolved.

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