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Final year to draw up Labour’s manifesto – it’s over to you!

After the last election, our party had to take stock and look at why we lost. Over the last few years, the policy commissions of the National Policy Forum have been addressing this and rebuilding our offer to the British public. The commission I sit on, Better Politics, has had regular meetings to read through… More »

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Votes at Sixteen

The announcement by Ed Miliband that Labour would introduce votes at 16 was a significant step in setting out a different way of doing politics. As a member of the Better Politics policy commission over the last few years we have been grappling with the issues of disengagement and disillousioment that are ever present features… More »

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Talking policy with Sheffield Central CLP

It was great to be able to attend Sheffield Central CLP recently to talk about my work on the National Policy Forum and to pick up the policy ideas of members. You can see what they said, and join the debate, by clicking here to go to Labour’s new discussion website Your Britain.

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