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Speaking to Radio Sheffield’s Rony Robinson about NHS charging proposals

The right wing think tank Reform have made the news today after publishing a report (which you can read here) proposing, amongst other things, a £10 per month mandatory “membership fee” for use of the NHS. The ideas were trailed on the Conservative Home website last night. I am nervous about proposals that come from… More »

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Where the cuts at Rotherham Hospital will fall

The Rotherham Hospital Trust have published their long awaited Strategic Plan, setting out more detail about how they plan to move to put their finances on a secure footing. There’s a little more detail over on the Save Our Services campaign website. Before Christmas, the Trust gave welcome confirmation that they would not be seeking… More »

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Rotherham Hospital campaign goes to Downing Street tomorrow

Since Rotherham Show we have been asking people to show their support for Rotherham Hospital as it faces an uncertain future by signing up to the Save Our Services campaign run jointly between Unison and Labour in Rotherham. This Thursday a group of us: health workers, UNISON campaigners and politicians will make our way to… More »

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Debating “What Does Europe do for me?” in Halifax

I was pleased to be part of a panel at Halifax CLP that debated “What Does Europe do for me?” . As a full time trade union representative on the ground, I immediately had a couple of tangible examples of where Europe has improved people’s working rights. I was joined on the panel by Linda… More »

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My involvement with ACTSA

In September 2010, I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of a group of people from a variety of backgrounds who visited South Africa and Swaziland with the charity ACTSA (Action for Southern Africa). You get a taste in the video above of the kind of experiences that we had on that trip,… More »

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TUC march for a future that works – October 2012

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